Most Viewed Articles (2020-2021)

A study of students’ perception about e-learning

Author : Mehandi Vinayak Mahajan, Kalpana. R

Doi :   Page No : 501-507

A cadaveric study of Gastrocnemius muscle from point of view of entrapment syndromes

Author : Shinde Amol Ashok, Dinesh K. Patel, Varshaly K. Bharambe

Doi :   Page No : 407-411

Identification of the sex of the individual from “Demarking Points” of hip bone

Author : Kishor Dattatray Khushale, Yuvaraj Jayaprakash Bhosal, K. Shyamkishore

Doi :   Page No : 518-525

Beneficial effects of OM chanting on depression, anxiety, stress and cognition in elderly women with hypertension

Author : Arati Amin, Sai Sailesh Kumar, Archana Rajagopalan, Supriya Rajan, Soumya Mishra, Udaya Kumar Reddy,

Doi :   Page No : 253-255

Alteration in autonomic reactivity from hypothyroid to euthyroid status

Author : Anjali Nadir Bhat, Sabita Yograj, Rakesh Bahl

Doi :   Page No : 377-381

OSPE in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry Practical Examinations: Perception of MBBS students

Author : Rajkumar KR, Prakash KG, Saniya K, Kumar Sai Sailesh, Pradeep Vegi

Doi :   Page No : 482-484

Effect of isometric handgrip test on heart rate variability in primary open angle glaucoma

Author : Arijita Banerjee, Indu Khurana

Doi :   Page No : 4-7

The correlative study of degrees of carrying angle with height of body in both the sexes of south Indian population

Author : Thejeshwari HG, Makandar UK, Rajendra R

Doi :   Page No : 369-372

A comparative study of isometric handgrip test between pregnant and non – pregnant women

Author : Khundmeer Banu Athani, Rajashekhar R.K.

Doi :   Page No : 256-259


Author : Anita Choudhary, Namit Garg

Doi :   Page No : 81-83

A cross sectional study of variations in the external carotid artery in cadavers

Author : Anjalee Govindrao Ovhal, Mohammad Mujahid Ansari, Lakshmi Rajgopal

Doi :   Page No : 282-286

A digital image analysis method for measuring femoral neck shaft angle and anteversion angle: A pilot study

Author : Lakshmi Verma, Sumit Gupta, Tuhin Ghulyani, Pratima Jaiswal

Doi :   Page No : 362-369

Anatomical variations of caecum and appendix: A cadveric study in Mysore based population

Author : Vidya CS, Vasantha Kuberappa

Doi :   Page No : 265-268

Effect of Bhastrika Pranayama on respiratory muscle function

Author : Sivapriya DV, Veerapandian S

Doi :   Page No : 361-363


Author : Chirag R Vadhel, Manoj M Kulkarni, Achleshwar R Gandotra

Doi :   Page No : 6-10

A Focused Review – Thoracolumbar Spine: Anatomy, Biomechanics and Clinical Significance

Author : Dr. M. Rathore, Dr. D. K. Sharma, Dr. Manisha B. Sinha, Dr. A. U. Siddiqui and Dr Soumitra Trivedi

Doi :   Page No : 41-47

A Study of Arterial Dominance in Human Hearts by Perfusion Method

Author : Dr. Pradeep Singh, Dr. Vasundra Kulshrestha, Dr.Brijendra Singh

Doi :   Page No : 22-28

A comparative study of cardiovascular autonomic functions in healthy urban postmenopausal women

Author : Anita Deshpande, Vijayeendra Kanabur, Sumangala Patil, Salim Dhundasi

Doi :   Page No : 279-281

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